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Brands In The Box: Tribe Alive



Fashion can be a tricky game. Even the cutest pieces can have a negative impact on the world–from the harsh environmental impact of fabric dyes to the excess waste generated by mass garment production. That’s why we always jump at the opportunity to introduce our members to a socially conscious brand so for our spring 2019 edition, the Tribe Alive leather clutch was an obvious pick. Read on for a little more about the brand behind our favorite new socially conscious clutch.

Supporting Artisans


After adopting her daughter from Ethiopia, Carly Burson saw first-hand how poverty in developing countries can rip families apart. She decided to work to lessen the burden of economic insecurity for these women by providing them with jobs. She launched Tribe Alive first as just a jewelry line hand made by artisans in Honduras. Burson now works with 8 artisan communities in 5 different countries to produce both apparel and accessories.


Minimizing Pollution


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Tribe Alive works to reduce its impact by up-cycling when possible. For example, they source scraps from the floor of a denim plant in Guatemala, break them down to recycled fibers and then spin them on looms to create new fabrics. With artisans in India, Haiti, Honduras, and India receiving fair wages and safe working conditions, Tribe Alive is pushing the fashion industry towards a more sustainable and socially responsible direction. The clutch in the Spring 2019 box is made in India, where cows are sacred, so the clutches are constructed using leather harvested from cows that have passed on naturally. 


Creating Longevity


Thoughtfully choosing versatile, well-made pieces is the key to building a timeless closet. Classic items like the leather clutch in the Spring 2019 box is an exclusive size only available to Box of Style members. Use it to hold everyday essentials like your wallet, keys, and makeup, and stow it in inside a larger bag, like Tribe Alive’s Brass handle handbag, then simply take it alone as a clutch when you’re heading out for drinks or dinner.  A versatile hue, like the black of this clutch, pairs perfectly with all manner of ensembles. 

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